Below are a few examples from some of the artists I've worked with, and the recordings that I've created with them. After enjoying a track or two, head over to the contact page so we can record something awesome for you!

"With a strong, professional work ethic, and ears attentive to detail and client concerns, Willa proved to be an invaluable asset for our recording process. She was willing to put in the time and energy needed to get things done, going above and beyond to meet deadlines. In contrast to her strong work ethic, Willa was very accommodating when it came to listening to our needs and visions for the songs, always willing to work as a team to achieve our goals. Couldn't have done it without her!" - Wil Splinter, Drummer and Vocalist, Tone in Georgia


“Willa Snow is great - she has the patience to listen what you want to accomplish, the technical skill and flexibility to know how to smoothly pull it off, and the musical ears to see it through to completion.” - Robert Muller, Piano

Robert Muller

"It seems no matter what challenge a client throws at you, you are able to create something beautiful!  Thanks so much for the great work you've done for me with Janice Pantazelos on a number of opera projects now, and I sincerely look forward to working with you in the future!" - AnnaMaria Cardinalli, Contralto

AnnaMaria Cardinalli