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    I am so very pleased to announce an embarkment on a new project with the amazingly, incredibly talented band SHOTGUN CIVICS!! We just had our first recording session together at Orb Recording Studios here in Austin, and had an absolute BLAST working together, managing to hash out tracks for their 5-song debut EP in just two days. I'm beyond honored to be invited to work with such talented musicians. Be on the lookout for more, folks!!

  • "The beauty of uncertainty is that it prepares us to embrace life in the face of death. Allows us the strength to deal with the freedom to choose. To willingly exchange the fear of uncertainty for the security of certainty is to admit defeat."

    Brian Hendricks, "The Beauty of Uncertainty." Published in Hobo Magazine in 2005.
  • SXSW, Y'All

    Phew! What a crazy, sweaty week it's been!  I've been tour managing for the powerhouse duo that is the electro-rock band Twin Scars (Check out their music here) during their spring tour of South By Southwest in Austin, TX. It's been an absolutely incredible and challenging experience, full of amazing music, fried food, and excellent cocktails, all while lugging tons of gear in 90-degree weather! Pictured above is me with bassist Kenny Gall sporting our super-hip Twin Scars shirts, and below is TS rockin out at Texas Rockfest. 

    I've had a fantastic time out here in Austin, and I'm looking forward to coming back in the (hopefully near) future!

  • Arroyo Records

    Over the past few months, myself and several other students have been working under the guidance of the sensational Horace Alexander-Young to establish a student-run record label at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. It has been an absolute pleasure being a part of this project, and I'm avidly looking forward to seeing where it goes! 

  • Yet ANOTHER Project...

    Yet ANOTHER Project...

    Just recorded some tünes with my dear friend and fellow engineer David Badstubner! Always a pleasure working with his brainsicle of genious. Up next: drums and bass!